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Elettrotec PMM2ABS14K Z710-00316-99999

 PMM2ABS14K Elettrotec Z710-00316-99999
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This relay with screw terminals has a large capacity and the ability to withstand pressure overloads up to 300 bar. Also, the relay is capable of operating in extreme temperature conditions (from -30°C to +120°C), which further expands the scope of its application.
Worldwide delivery services
Worldwide delivery services
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Ways of payment
Switch rating0,5 (0,2) A / 48Vac-dc
Electrical connectionpush-on terminals 6,3 × 0,8
Adjusting range0,15 - 2 bar
Max static pressure300 bar
Operating temperature-30°C to +120°C
Contact (without pressure)N/O contact
Body materialBrass
Diaphragm/Piston sealSilicone
ThreadsG1/4 BSP
Mechanical life106 operations
SizeBody 24 AF Max height 46 mm