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Elettrotec IFE4R24 710-540-01200

 IFE4R24 Elettrotec 710-540-01200
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Electrically controlled flow switch. With it, you can fine-tune the flow of fluid and control its direction. They are widely used in food production, in medical institutions and in the agricultural industry.
Worldwide delivery services
Worldwide delivery services
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Ways of payment
Flow rate0,3…60 LPM H2O
MaterialsNickel-plated brass Sealing: NBR
Max pressure50 bar
Operating temperature-10°C +80°C
Intervention differentialca. 45%
Electrical connectionDIN 43650 – PG09 – IP65
Contact (dry)N/O
Switching voltageDC: 20W / AC: 20VA
Max voltage220V – 50Hz
Current0,5A (resistive)
Size115x28x28 mm
Thread connectionG1/2”